High School Bible Study (9th-12th Grade)

Are you Interested in growing deeper in your faith and serious about studying the Bible? The email Pastor Pete and he'll get you connected with the High School Bible Study! Pastor Pete's Email: youth@crossroadscov.com

Middle School Bible Study (6th-8th Grade)

Are you interested in studying the Bible? We are beginning a Middle School Bible Study and want you to join! Email Pastor Pete and he'll connect you with the Middle School Bible Study. Pastor Pete's Email: youth@crossroadscov.com

GPS: God.Prayer.Support

This year (2016) we are looking to start GPS Groups. The Vision is simple. Wherever you are in Yelm, within 5 minutes students can walk/bike to a GPS Group to connect with God, Prayer, and Support! This is an intentional effort to shine the light of Jesus into our neighborhoods. GPS Groups are in a sense lighthouses, safe places, refuges, and shelters that will provide God, Prayer, and Support to students throughout the week!

Here's why this mission is perfect for you! Do you have a daily Bible Study and Prayer Pattern set up already? Then take one day out of the week and invite students into that time of Study and Prayer! Just do what you normally do every week but invite students to join you for the journey! So here's the deal... Are you ready to make God, Prayer, and Support available to any student in Yelm, every day of the week? If so, then we need you to open your home for 1 hour each week to make space students to connect with God, Prayer, and Support! This year our Goal is to establish 9 homes within the Larger Yelm Area (See list below). Email Pastor Pete if you are interested in hosting a GPS group at your house. Pastor Pete's Email: youth@crossroadscov.com

  1. North Yelm GPS
  2. East Yelm GPS
  3. South Yelm GPS
  4. West Yelm GPS
  5. Nisqually Pines GPS
  6. Lake Lawrence GPS
  7. Scenic Shores GPS
  8. Clearwood "Front Gate" GPS
  9. Clearwood "Back Gate" GPS