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Crossroads Kids is the Children's Ministry at Crossroads Community Covenant Church in Yelm, WA.

We have an amazing volunteer workforce who is background checked and trained to meet the needs of children from newborn to fifth grade. 


Our Mission 

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

It is our mission to bring the children to Jesus every Sunday! We partner with parents as the main spiritual leaders of the home, and help to develop a child's faith walk. We strive to raise up the next generation of the church, so that they might become future Crossroaders and carry on the mission of...

"reaching the lost and helping the hurting." 

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Elementary Curriculum

Crossroads Kids uses Group Publishing curriculum. The Hands-On curriculum has been a favorite of ours. Bible lessons are brought to life. Hands-On uses unique visuals, dynamic lessons and plenty of opportunities to explore God in a child's world. Bringing relevant lessons that apply to their ages and stages, our volunteer teachers present a opportunity for your child to develop a lasting relationship with Jesus!


Toddler Curriculum

In our class designed for older 2 year olds to younger 4 year olds, we utilize Group Publishing's Play-N-Worship curriculum. Younger children learn through repetition, and visuals. We love this curriculum because it brings short lessons into their play environment! Play-N-Worship brings truths about God, Jesus and the Bible into their young world. Through crafts, and consistency in teaching the same lessons between 3 to 5 weeks each time, these truths become their foundation.  


Class Structures

We have three services for Children   8:25a | 9:40a | 11:05a

  • 8:25a services tend to be smaller, and are often a good service for first time visitors. Our classroom structure is in three groups. Our Nursery is just off the lobby where we host Infants to 2 year olds Older 2 year olds to Kindergarten 1st-5th Grade Large Group

  • 9:40a is our larger service, where we offer classes in smaller grade break-downs Nursery: Infant to younger 2 year olds Toddler: Older 2 year olds to younger 4 year olds PreK-Kindergarten: Older 4 year olds in Preschool to Kindergarten 1st-2nd Grade 3rd-4th Grade 5th Grade

  • 11:05a is our medium sized service, where our class structure combinations work to suit the size of the service Nursery: Infant to younger 2 year olds Toddler: Older 2 year olds to younger 4 year olds PreK-2nd Grade Group: Older 4 year olds in Preschool to Kindergarten 3rd-5th Grade Group



Visitor Tips


We love having guests come to visit! 

For your convenience you may register prior to your visit with us. 

Come and find us at the check-in desk in the lobby where our volunteer check-in attendant will get your children their security name tags and give you directions. 

Children join their parents in the auditorium for worship, and are dismissed by prayer to their designated classrooms. We ask that parents escort their children to their class for drop-off. The director or another volunteer will be available to guide you and your children to the right place. Parents are given a matching security tag for the children they have checked in. These tags are verified at pick-up for your child's safety. 



Crossroads Kids: Events, Updates and Communications 


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Crossroads Kids and World Vision

Crossroads Kids has sponsored a child from Democratic Republic of the Congo through World Vision. As a ministry we will lovingly provide financial support to a child from DRC. Our children will be able to receive updates, and letters from Izabelle as we continue to pray for Izabelle and her community. Our tithes and offerings collected in our ministry will be given right to the sponsorship for Izabelle. Watch the video to review our time of mission focused curriculum where we explored what it means to answer the call of the great commission!