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Hello Ladies,

At Crossroad's Women's Ministry, we have a passion for helping women see what's beneath the surface of who God created us to be. As women we often feel the pressure to reach perfection, but our purpose is not to be perfect in this world, but to be perfectly imperfect in the presence of a perfect God.

At P31 we will learn together how to grow deep where we have been planted. We are a group centered around women in all walks of life, and how in each of our walks we have a direct purpose in God's plan.

We have bible studies, retreats, seminars, campfires, progressive dinners, and a whole host of other fun things that you will want to come and be a part of.

Come visit us at the Women's Ministry table in the foyer at Crossroads on a Sunday morning. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.


For more information please call the Church Office.



Shannon Madalena

Shannon Madalena

Women's Ministry Leader

Crossroads has been my home church for about 14 years. I served as the Nursery coordinator for about 10 of those years. Now it is my privilege to serve as the Women's Ministry leader. I have spent nearly 20 years teaching children and encouraging parents through childhood development. I am excited to encourage women to become the strong and courageous women that God has created them to be.