Our Story

A funny thing happened on the way to Yelm one day...

In 2002, upon realizing some of the obvious needs of the greater Yelm community (recovery, economic and others), it became clear to Pastor Russ Blake and his wife Cindy that God was leading them to begin a new Covenant work in the area.  After networking with people in the area for about 2 months Pastor Russ scheduled his first "interest meeting" in a local home of an interested family.

The 20 or so people that showed up for the first meeting turned into 40 at the next gathering!  And with a clear disclaimer of not suggesting any deficits with the current churches in the area Pastor Russ made the following statement: "I believe that God desires to raise up a group of people that are willing to 'be the church' and not 'play church'."  Pastor Russ emphasized that this community needed (and still needs) a contemporary style church that the "unchurched" would love to attend.

People, then and now, resonated strongly with this vision and this "movement" known as Crossroads Community Covenant Church.  

Come As You Are.... to the Crossroads!

Sundays @ 8:25am, 9:40am, 11:05am