Crossroads Homeschool Co-Op


Crossroads homeschool group seeks to provide a place for relationship and fellowship with like-minded Christian families as we endeavor to homeschool our children. We will come together to offer group classes to supplement and enrich our children’s education. Classes will be available for ages pre-k through 12th grade. A family graduation will be held in May for any student and families that would like a place to celebrate their graduate.


Student and parent participation is required in all class hours. Parents must provide teaching or class assistance during the one of the class hours.  Also, two times a semester, each family will be given a specific cleaning duty at the end of an assigned co-op day. This light cleaning duty should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

We are still looking for teachers for the following classes:
- Stem Tales
- Tween Life Skills
- Preschool
- Kids in Kitchen
- Elementary PE
- Preschool Fun with Numbers
- Preschool Story/Play 


The Crossroads Homeschool Co-Op exists to provide a safe and supportive community for like-minded homeschooling families in Thurston and South Pierce County.  Crossroads Homeschool Co-Op is a ministry of Crossroads Community Covenant Church where part of our mission is Community. We seek to be relevant to our community by responding to needs which God places before us and by providing practical Biblical direction for life.

We believe that this Co-op is a place for families to get together and kids to develop their faith and friendships along other homeschool students. We are not offering an academic program. We are offering fun and elective courses to help supplement what is being taught at home. We will We are open to all home-school students and families who have at least one school aged child ages 5 and up by September 5th, 2023.

Families need to understand that Crossroads Homeschool Co-Op is a ministry of Crossroads Community Covenant Church and will reflect it's core beliefs. Co-op will begin with worship and prayer and end with prayer, and will teach from a biblical worldview. Participating families are expected to read and sign the parent handbook, and are responsible to help students understand and follow the code of conduct.
Click here for what Crossroads believes.

Fun Days/Field Trips

Field Trips – pumpkin patch, science enter, theater, aquarium, parks, etc.
Showcase Events – book report, speeches, science fair presentations, etc.
Competitions – digital arts, 2-d art, and various writing competition (details availabe soon)
Theme Days/Parties – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, etc.
Family Meals - Family potluck with demonstration nights (book reports, science, art, etc.)


Annual Student Enrollment - $50 per student
This fee will be paid annual (not each semester). This fee covers organiztion membership fees, cleaning supplies, and background checks for parent volunteers, and for misc class supplies.

Each class will have a nominal fee to provide a text book and/or supplies and snack for preschool.  Additional supplies may be needed/or required for each class. This information can be found on the class listing and/or communicated directly from the teacher. (Fees range $5-$40 per class.)

Class Dates are listed on our calendar.
Fall/Winter Session 1 is September 14- Januuary 25
Winter/Spring Session 2 is February 1 - May 23

Refunds/Withdraw Policy: There are no refunds for withdraws once classes have started.

Field Trips are an additional cost and optional for each family. 
January 19, 2024          Regsitrations Due
January 25, 2024         2-D Art Turned in
February 1, 2024         Writing/Photography/Digital Uploaded    

Art and Writing Festival

The goal of the LCS Festival is to focus on helping children find their talents, sharpen their skills, and learn to share their gifts with confidence, knowing that their gifts and talents are bestowed by God and are to be used humbly without fear.
Available for Grades 3rd - 12th grade
Cost: $15 per entry
Available Categories for Competition
  • Graphic Design
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Photography (Still, Landscape/Architecture, People/Animals)
  • 2-D Drawing (color, monochromatic)
  • 2-D Painitng (oil, acrylic, watercolor)
  • 2-D Mixed Media
  • Writing - First Person Essay
  • Writing - Short Story
  • Writing - Poetry
  • Writing - Book Chapter (6th-12th grade only)
  • Writing - Flash Fiction
  • Writing - Mini Saga
  • Writng - Children's Literature
  • Short Film (6th-12th grade only)