She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

Proverbs 31:25

The Women’s Ministry wholeheartedly supports the mission of the church, “reaching the lost and helping the hurting,” by encouraging, equipping, promoting, and challenging women in their journey as disciples of Jesus Christ and members of His Church. For years, we have been “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:12) by offering regular Bible studies on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in order to study the word of God and help our sisters through life's many challenges while simultaneously learning what we need to know to be saved, how to help others find salvation and hosting events that facilitate an opportunity for those who want to invite Jesus into their lives.

2024 Women's Bible Studies


Tuesdays @ 6:30pm in Classroom 3/4 
Wednesdays @ 10:00am in Classroom 3/4 

Many of us believe that we aren’t good enough to meet other people’s expectations. Maybe you can’t wrap words around why, but lurking beneath the surface of the carefully curated façade you present in public, it’s there. Being missed and marginalized by others moves us to assume we’re not quite good enough for God either.
The great news woven throughout the Gospel according to Luke is that perfection is not a prerequisite for a deep and personal relationship with Jesus. In fact, this riveting account reveals that Jesus is especially fond of ragamuffins in need of a safe place to lean in and linger! Join Lisa Harper in this Bible study of a literary masterpiece that doesn’t celebrate the elite, but embraces the outliers, outcasts, and overlooked!

Women's BSF Satellite Group

Tuesday's at 9:30am at Crossroads

Beginning September 12, 2023
John's Gospel
In a world filled with all sorts of truth claims – even “find your own truth” – Jesus stands alone. He boldly proclaims Himself as the only source of freedom, peace, truth, meaning, sustenance, security, and everlasting life with God. Which leaves us asking: Are Jesus’s claims true?
We are excited to invite you to examine Jesus’s claims for your own life in John’s Gospel: The Truth.

Upcoming Events

Summer Hikes

Join us this summer for one of hikes. We are offering a choice of a moderate/hard or easy hike this year. Family members are welcome, but please consider the difficulty of some of the locations.
*Dress comfortably for the weather and difficulty of hike as well as proper shoes.
*Bring Water/Drinks/Snacks for yourself. Moderate/Hard Hikes will make a meal stop after the hike.
*Registration is required to help with communication for last minute changes.

June 8

Woodard Bay - Olympia
Meet at 8:00am
Rattlesnake Ledge - North Bend
Meet at 6:00am

July 13

Billy Frank Wildlife Refuge - Olympia
Meet at 8:00am
PooPoo Point - Tiger Mountain
Meet at 6:00am

August 10

Tolmie State Park - Olympia
Meet at 8:00am
Carter Falls - Mt. Rainier
Meet at 6:00am

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