Beginning February 28th

  • Classes will begin at 6:30pm with only one session (no late session) each Monday night.
  • You are invited to come early for coffee and treats at 6:15pm.
  • We will meet in the larger spaces in order to socially distance
  • Childcare is provided for all classes - Please use the check in system before taking your child to class.


The Book of Daniel - taught by Amy Miller
The story of Daniel is a prophetic story of God’s glory and providence for His people and through His people. This story is very applicable to the “end times.”

Current Cultural Concerns - taught by Pastor Dave and Pastor Russ
When you sign up for this class you can suggest a “concern” you may have regarding our current culture! And Pastor Russ & Pastor Dave will seek to respond to the “concerns” (selected) by applying ‘what the Bible says or does not say’ about each concern. We will use a discussion format.

Genesis 1-6 - taught by Pastor Ben
Beginnings are critical! And the beginnings of creation, sin, and God’s covenant to His people truly sets the stage for all of our theological foundations for the Christian faith. This is a must study for any follower of Jesus.