Fall Classes Begin September 11, 2023

Classes will begin at 6:30pm each Monday night.
You are invited to come early for coffee and treats at 6:15pm.
Childcare is provided for all classes - Please use the check in system before taking your child to class.

The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

Facilitator: Patti Timbers
Based on the book by John Mark Comer, with the same title, this study will encourage you to take a deep breath, put down your cell phone, let your heart slow down and let God take care of the world! Hurry maybe the great enemy of today, an enemy that keeps us from a healthy spiritual life! Not only will we become familiar with why we struggle so much with “hurry” in today’s culture, but we will discover the solution to overcome the hurried lifestyle that seems so difficult to pull away from.

The Book of Philippians

Facilitator: Sharon Middleton
This Biblical book in the New Testament is often coined “the book of joy!” This study will teach you how to be content in all circumstances, how to be full of hope, how to live fully and completely for Christ, as well as the reason for our joy in this life. Philippians is one of the smaller books in the Bible – but it packs a powerful punch of encouragement for the challenges we go through in today’s world!

Apologetics: How to Share your Faith in Today’s World

Facilitator: Pastor Russ Blake and Pastor Dave Shaw
In this age of subjective truth, moral relativism, and progressive Christianity, would you like to be equipped to defend your faith with a sound, biblical understanding of why you believe what you believe? Then join us for our new class on Apologetics (defending your Faith). We will cover topics including the reliability of the Scriptures, the historical basis for our core beliefs, and tactics for sharing your faith. Come and get trained to be a more effective witness for Jesus “rightly handling the word of truth.”

That the World May Know

Facilitator: Don Ireland
Filmed in Israel and the Middle East where Bible events took place, these lessons weave together historical, cultural, and geographical contexts to provide insights into how people in biblical times understood Jesus' teaching. Teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan reveals keen insights into the Scripture's significance for believers today.

Heart of God (YOUTH ONLY)

Facilitator: Pastor J.D. Tuell
What thoughts come to mind when you think of God? Do you wonder what he's like, what he thinks about you, or what he wants for you? The good news is that we don't have to go far to find answers. God tells us all we need to know about who he is and what he’s like—about his heart—and why that matters for our lives. In this six-session series, author Francis Chan takes students on a journey of discovery to the heart of God. Students will walk away knowing God better and loving him more.